Get the Best Free Currency Conversion API for Your Business

Get the Best Free Currency Conversion API for Your Business

Today, many businesses provide currency conversion services through their websites. There are many methods and variants of performing currency conversions. Among these methods, it is best practice to use an API to perform this operation. Find and use the free currency conversion API. Businesses can find hundreds of currency converter APIs in the market, but among these APIs, the best free currency converter API is the fixer API.

Currency conversion is also known as currency exchange. There are many reasons why businesses provide currency exchange services to their users on their websites and do this with a free currency API. In this article, we will learn the currency exchange API concept and the fixer API. Then we will discuss the benefits and usage examples of the currency exchange APIs. So let’s start.

What is the Currency Exchange API?

Currency exchange APIs are basically web services that provide conversion services between currencies. They support multiple currencies and can convert currencies at the same time.

The results provided by the currency conversion process are very important. These results are more important if they affect a purchase. For this reason, the API that businesses will choose from the market is very important. So let’s take a look at what businesses should consider when choosing a currency exchange API.

What are the Features to Consider When Choosing the Currency Exchange API?

The accuracy of the data it provides

The accuracy of the data provided by currency conversion services is one of the most critical issues. When choosing the currency converter API for this, make sure that this API obtains its data from official financial data providers.

Updating the data it provides at short intervals

Another thing to consider when choosing an API among the currency converter APIs in the market is to update the provided data at short intervals. The error rate increases considerably in the operations to be performed with data that is not updated at short intervals.

Providing historical foreign exchange rates data

Today, historical data and its accuracy are essential for many businesses, especially those that provide trading services.

For this reason, it is also important that the currency converter API, which will be selected from the market, provides historical foreign exchange rate information.

Best Free Currency Converter API: fixer API

best free currency conversion API - fixer API with exchange rate strategies

The fixer API is a collection of services that enable currency exchange. In short, it is an exchange rates API.

There are many reasons why it is the most used and reliable exchange rates API today. The first of these is that the value of the world currencies provided by the fixer API is obtained from globally trusted exchange rate providers, especially the European central bank. Getting the world currency values provided by the fixer API from reliable data sources increases the accuracy of the data provided directly.

The fixer API provides conversion information of 170 official currency exchange data, mainly major currencies. It also updates the data it provides every 60 seconds.

Another important feature of fixer API is that it provides historical exchange rate data. It supports current and historical foreign exchange conversions. The fixer API serves current and historical data in just seconds.

The fixer API provides multiple endpoints. For example, the fluctuation data of currencies with the ‘/fluctuation’ endpoint, and businesses need this endpoint because of currency volatility. It also provides time series data of currencies with a ‘/timeseries’ endpoint, with a maximum range of 365 days.

The fixer API has a completely developer-friendly approach. It returns in JSON format. Thanks to its return in JSON format, it can be easily integrated into almost all programming languages. To see an integration of fixer API with different programming languages, click here.

An API key is required to use the fixer API. There are many flexible package options to get the API key, including a free trial. The free trial is limited to 100 requests per month.

What are the Benefits of Using Currency Converter API?

High speed with accuracy

The reliable JSON API provided by the fixer API has accurate rates. This API presents current and historical currency data to the client in just seconds. Businesses using fixer API provide the best experience to their users.

Supporting amount of official currencies

Businesses obtain hundreds of currency data with fixer API. At the same time, the fixer API guarantees availability. Thus, the client applications of the enterprises can get the most up-to-date currency data every second.

For many more benefits from the fixer API, visit the comprehensive documentation or this article on the benefits of using an API to check exchange rates.

What are the Usages of Currency Converter API?

Trading application

Developing a trading application with the fixer API endpoints is relatively easy. There are many applications where users buy and sell foreign currency. They use currency conversion APIs that provide historical and current foreign exchange rates with high accuracy and are constantly updated.

Currency converter application

Developing a currency converter application with the currency data API can only take a few steps. Financial markets frequently use these applications.

In particular, you can develop the best currency converter application with the fixer API’s current currency rates and historical exchange rates.


Businesses use currency APIs to give their users the best experience in currency conversions. Explore the fixer API to provide your website users with current and historical foreign exchange rates.


What is a Currency Conversion API?

A Currency Conversion API is a web-based service that provides exchange rate information for a wide range of currencies.

How does a Currency Conversion API work?

A Currency Conversion API works by providing exchange rate information for a wide range of currencies through an API endpoint. Developers can use this endpoint to access the exchange rate data and integrate it into their applications.

What kind of data does a Currency Conversion API provide?

A Currency Conversion API generally provides exchange rate information for various currencies, including the current rate, historical data, and other related information.

Can I use a Currency Conversion API for real-time exchange rate data?

Yes, many Currency Conversion APIs provide real-time exchange rate data.

Why You Should Diversify Your Currency Portfolio with Foreign Exchange Currencies

Why You Should Diversify Your Currency Portfolio with Foreign Exchange Currencies

There are many types of investments today. Like cryptocurrencies, real estate, and stocks. However, from the past to the present, the popularity of investment tools continues to be maintained. Currency investment.

Foreign exchange investors have a foreign exchange portfolio in their hands. In this portfolio, there are strategies implemented according to the paths followed by investors. In this article, we will talk about why we should have more than one currency in the foreign exchange portfolio. But first, let’s clear up some issues.

What is a portfolio

A portfolio is the total value of investment instruments such as cash, foreign currency, gold, bonds, stocks, deposits, and bills that real or legal persons hold to invest and earn profits.

The investment portfolio is prepared in line with the return (return) and risk expectations of the investors. This process is called Portfolio Management and should be done through intermediary institutions with authorization certificates.

What is foreign currency investment?

The difference in value between the currencies of developed countries and the currencies of developing countries is an alternative for investors. Investments made by comparing the difference between currencies are called foreign exchange investments. So how to invest in foreign currency? Foreign exchange markets; Currencies gain or lose value because they are associated with international processes. This situation is defined as a gain or loss for investors.

What is the main reason for diversifying the foreign exchange portfolio with currencies?

When investing in foreign exchange, it is very important to follow the money markets closely and analyze the market. In addition to a good analysis of the money markets, it is very important in the way to invest.

In foreign exchange investments, investors make transactions by risking loss and gain. There are some ways traders can minimize their risk of loss. One of the most popular and guaranteed ways of these ways is to prefer more than one currency when investing in foreign currency.

Preferring more than one currency when investing in foreign currency means compensating for possible losses. For this reason, investors who invest in foreign exchange should invest in at least two of the currencies that are more valuable than the official currency in their location.

Did you know that today there is a very short and popular way to quickly buy and sell currencies in which investors diversify their portfolios? Let’s see what it is.

Currency Portfolio with Foreign Exchange Currencies

The fastest way to currency conversions

One of the fastest ways of converting between currencies and trading is through digital applications. Digital applications generally use free currency converter API in their infrastructures so that investors can quickly and easily diversify the currencies in their portfolios.

Fixer API provides the service that offers the currency converter process used in applications today. It is actively used by more than 200,000 developers and businesses and is growing in popularity.

The main advantage of Fixer API to investors is that it provides information about 170 official currencies in the world through a single service. In this way, investors can diversify their foreign exchange portfolios even in 170 currencies.

Fixer API also provides an excellent service to foreign exchange traders to shape their investments. Historical currency data with a single service. Fixer API provides values ​​of 170 official currencies to each other since 1999. In this way, investors can analyze the historical data of the currencies they will invest in and shape their investments.

Finally, the most satisfying service to investors is the accuracy of the value of 170 currencies. Fixer API provides the most up-to-date data to investors with the data obtained from official financial institutions and banks.


It is a fact that increasing the currency diversity in the portfolios of foreign exchange investors reduces the risk of loss. Fixer API, on the other hand, offers the currency converter service that offers this approach to investors in the fastest way. Check out the always updated and powerful documentation it offers to shape your investments and learn more with the Fixer API.

The Best Foreign Exchange API to Use When Traveling Overseas

The Best Foreign Exchange API to Use When Traveling Overseas

Technological developments make human life easier day by day. It offers people to perform operations that normally took hours, which we could not imagine in the past, in just milliseconds. Many developments that will make human life easier are still increasing day by day.

Currency conversion transactions have become increasingly simple as a result of these technological developments. Previously, physical currency conversions were made from financial institutions, but nowadays, thousands of currencies can be traded with a single application. All within milliseconds.

Services that allow currency exchange transactions to be made electronically are called currency exchange APIs. With the best free currency converter API, people can obtain information about hundreds of currencies instantly. As a result, they can make instantaneous exchange transactions.

Fixer API is the most preferred currency exchange API recently. Fixer API is used more and more in many currency exchange APIs today with the advantages it provides to both businesses and individuals. It is actively used by more than 200,000 developers and businesses. One of the biggest advantages that Fixer API provides to people is that it provides free and safe currency exchange transactions during their international travels. Let’s take a look at the details.

Fixer API For Traveling Overseas

Fixer API, which offers the most popular currency exchange service today, provides data for 170 official currencies to its users. It provides the most up-to-date data by obtaining the provided data from official financial institutions and aims to give confidence. It also enables conversion between the 170 official currencies provided, allowing people to make currency conversions abroad safely and quickly.

Fixer API offers its users flexible and affordable packages. It is available in a package for free use within these packages. Now let’s take a look at how the Fixer API is integrated into the Javascript programming language.

Integration of Fixer API to Javascript

To use the Fixer API, we first need to obtain an API key. For this, we choose one of the flexible and affordable packages, register, and obtain the API key.

After obtaining the API key, we paste the following code block into the file in a Javascript project we created.

var settings = {
  "url": "*****ff",
  "method": "GET",
  "timeout": 0,

$.ajax(settings).done(function (response) {

With this code block, we aim to obtain the value of 170 currencies corresponding to the Euro currency.

When the application runs, we see this output in the console.

    "success": true,
    "timestamp": 1666352343,
    "base": "EUR",
    "date": "2022-10-21",
    "rates": {
        "AED": 3.581335,
        "AFN": 85.039468,
        "ALL": 117.145881,
        "AMD": 393.329017,
        "ANG": 1.756946,
        "AOA": 438.488063,
        "ARS": 149.660056,
        "AUD": 1.560879,
        "AWG": 1.757499,
        "AZN": 1.655764,
        "BAM": 1.955528,
        "BBD": 1.968356,
        "BDT": 98.804064,
        "BGN": 1.955814,
        "BHD": 0.367575,
        "BIF": 2015.408394,
        "BMD": 0.975034,
        "BND": 1.392728,
        "BOB": 6.736466,
        "BRL": 5.089388,
        "BSD": 0.974879,
        "BTC": 5.1365395e-5,
        "BTN": 80.639613,
        "BWP": 13.173933,
        "BYN": 2.472818,
        "BYR": 19110.671262,
        "BZD": 1.964956,
        "CAD": 1.346795,
        "CDF": 2001.745511,
        "CHF": 0.986053,
        "CLF": 0.034744,
        "CLP": 958.70262,
        "CNY": 7.065488,
        "COP": 4781.567953,
        "CRC": 604.904067,
        "CUC": 0.975034,
        "CUP": 25.838408,

That’s how easy it is to integrate the Fixer API into a Javascript application. Fixer API provided official 170 currency information corresponding to Euro currency in just milliseconds.


Using APIs that provide currency exchange services provides many advantages to both businesses and people. It is one of the biggest advantages of providing currency exchange abroad, which we mentioned in this article, safely. If you want to have this and many more advantages like this, discover the privileges offered by Fixer API.

Currency Foreign Exchange: What Does It Mean

Currency Foreign Exchange: What Does It Mean

Currency foreign exchange is a transaction that has been and continues to be done frequently both in the past and today. In fact, the transaction volumes of currency foreign exchange transactions are increasing day by day. The biggest reason for this is that currency foreign exchange transactions are not done in traditional ways.

So, do we know what currency foreign means? In short, currency foreign is money expressed in the currency of another country. Based on this, the currency exchange is called the buying and selling transaction between the currencies of different countries.

Currency foreign exchange transactions, like many technological developments, have been transferred to the digital environment today. Instead of going to banks and making currency foreign exchange, people or businesses can convert currency in milliseconds via a single mobile application or website.

The most popular method that applications or websites use to provide currency exchange services is to use currency exchange APIs. Let’s take a look at what these APIs are.

What is currency exchange API

Currency exchange APIs basically provide a service that provides currency conversions. A currency exchange API usually supports multiple official currencies around the world. In this way, customers can instantly obtain information of more than one currency using this API and convert it between each other.

The most basic requirement that currency exchange APIs must provide is the accuracy of the currency data it provides. Businesses that trade with inaccurate or not updated currency data will incur huge losses. For this reason, businesses or application developers should pay attention to the choice of currency exchange API.

Today, there is an exchange currency API preferred by world-famous companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Bershka. Fixer API. There are many reasons why Fixer API is the most popular exchange currency API today. Let’s examine it.

Best exchange currency API: Fixer API

The most popular reason why Fixer is the most popular currency conversion service API today is the accuracy of the currency data it provides. Serving more than 200,000 developers and companies, the priority for Fixer API has always been to provide the most accurate data.

Fixer API obtains the currency data it provides from international official financial institutions, banks and even the European Central Bank. In this way, it obtains the most accurate data from the most accurate data centers. It provides the most up-to-date data to its customers by updating the currency data it provides every 60 seconds.

Another popular feature is the currency number provided. Fixer API provides the most up-to-date data for 170 official currencies around the world. It also aimed to provide services to businesses in every subject by providing the conversion of 170 currencies between each other.

Another reason why Fixer API is preferred by many currency trading applications today is that it provides historical data. Applications that directly serve investors want to provide their investors with historical data of their currencies for analysis. At this point, Fixer API provides great convenience to applications. Since 1999, it provides historical data of all currencies with a single service. This means that applications can benefit from more than one service with a single service.

Finally, let’s talk about the most basic reason why Fixer API is loved by developers. Fixer API has been developed with an approach that will be easy to integrate and save time for developers. Fixer API has a very flexible web service structure and produces output in JSON format. For this reason, it is developer friendly.


With the popularization of currency foreing exchange transactions, the number of exchange currency APIs has increased. If you are looking for an API to use in your businesses or applications, take a look at the unique document provided by Fixer API.

Get Live Historical Exchange Rates from a Fixer API in 5 Steps

Get Live Historical Exchange Rates from a Fixer API in 5 Steps

Historical exchange rate data is popularly used in currency trading applications. Investors frequently use historical currency data in foreign exchange trading applications. It is a service that shapes the investments of investors.

Historical exchange rate data is provided by APIs that provide currency conversion services. Today there are many APIs that provide this service. The most popular historical exchange rate API preferred by giant companies such as Kranken and Samsung is Fixer API. Fixer API provides both current and historical data to its users in just milliseconds.

Fixer API provides current and historical currency data for 170 currencies. It obtains the data provided by various official financial institutions and banks, especially the European Central Bank.

Fixer API is developed by developers with a developer-friendly approach. Quickly integrated, the JSON API is flexible and can be integrated into applications in a few steps. In addition, it provides a lot of information to both developers and business owners with very strong documentation.

Now we will talk about how to integrate Fixer API into 5 different programming languages.

Fixer API with 5 different programming languages

We will integrate the historical exchange rate data service provided by Fixer API into 5 different programming languages. 

Before proceeding with the integration, we select one of the most exclusive and affordable packages of Fixer API and become a member. Then we obtain the API key required to use the Fixer API.

After obtaining the API key, we can look at the integration of Fixer API with different programming languages.


var requestOptions = {
  method: ‘GET’,
  redirect: ‘follow’

fetch(“*****ff&symbols=USD,TRY,CAD”, requestOptions)
  .then(response => response.text())
  .then(result => console.log(result))
  .catch(error => console.log(‘error’, error));


package main

import (

func main() {

  url := “*****ff&symbols=USD,TRY,CAD”
  method := “GET”

  client := &http.Client {
  req, err := http.NewRequest(method, url, nil)

  if err != nil {
  res, err := client.Do(req)
  if err != nil {
  defer res.Body.Close()

  body, err := ioutil.ReadAll(res.Body)
  if err != nil {


var axios = require(‘axios’);

var config = {
  method: ‘get’,
  url: ‘*****ff&symbols=USD,TRY,CAD’,
  headers: { }

.then(function (response) {
.catch(function (error) {


conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection(“”)
payload = ”
headers = {}
conn.request(“GET”, “/api/2015-09-08?access_key=c0*****ff&symbols=USD,TRY,CAD”, payload, headers)
res = conn.getresponse()
data =


require_once ‘HTTP/Request2.php’;
$request = new HTTP_Request2();
  ‘follow_redirects’ => TRUE
try {
  $response = $request->send();
  if ($response->getStatus() == 200) {
    echo $response->getBody();
  else {
    echo ‘Unexpected HTTP status: ‘ . $response->getStatus() . ‘ ‘ .
catch(HTTP_Request2_Exception $e) {
  echo ‘Error: ‘ . $e->getMessage();

We have implemented the integration of Fixer API with applications very simply and quickly. If the ‘base’ field is not set in the request to the Fixer API, EUR is selected by default. We did not set the ‘base’ field either, and we expect the values ​​of USD, TRY and CAD currencies to correspond to the EUR currency on the date we specified.

When these applications are run, the following output will be printed on the console screen of the applications.

  “success”: true,
  “timestamp”: 1441670399,
  “historical”: true,
  “base”: “EUR”,
  “date”: “2015-09-08”,
  “rates”: {
    “USD”: 1.120599,
    “TRY”: 3.377687,
    “CAD”: 1.481852


The popularity of historical exchange rate data is increasing. It is an element that determines investment plans for investors. By integrating Fixer API into your applications in just a few steps, you can convince medium and large-scale investors to use your applications.

API: How to Use it to Convert Currencies

API: How to Use it to Convert Currencies

Exchange rates services are used by many applications and websites today. Using web services that offer exchange rates API services, applications provide instant currency conversion to their users.

Web Services that offer exchange rates API service are very popular today and the competition between each other is getting hotter. Many popular technology firms produce, develop and sell web services that offer exchange rates.

The most popular and best free service offering exchange rates API is Fixer API. Fixer API currently supports 170 officially recognized currencies. It provides the most accurate and up-to-date data to its users by obtaining the currency information of the supported currencies from various official financial institutions and banks. Fixer API updates the data it provides every 60 seconds. In addition to the current data provided, Fixer also provides historical data of values ​​for 170 currencies.

Fixer API is used by world giant companies such as Microsoft, Bershka and Samsung with its up-to-date and powerful documentation.

To get acquainted with this and many other advantages of the Fixer API, we will talk about how it is integrated and used on the code side.

Integration Fixer API with Nodejs

Before integrating the Fixer API into the code side, we obtain an API key by choosing one of the packages offered by the most popular API marketplace, APILayer. APILayer also offers a free package for the Fixer API.

After obtaining the API key, let’s create a Nodejs project on the desktop and install the necessary packages by running the command below.

npm i express node-fetch

Next, let’s paste the following codes into our index.js file.

const express = require(‘express’);

const fixerRouter = require(‘./routes/fixerRoute’);
const app = express();

app.use(‘/api/exchangerates, fixerRouter);

var server = app.listen(3000, function() {
    console.log(‘App is running!’);

Next, let’s create a routes folder, create a folder named fixerRoute.js in it and paste the following codes into it.

const express = require(‘express’);
const router = express.Router();
const fetch = require(‘node-fetch’);

router.get(‘/’, (req, res) => {
  let apiKey = req.query.path;
  let url = `*****ff`;
    .then(response => response.text())
    .then(result => {
    .catch(error => console.log(‘error’, error));

module.exports = router;

Now let’s run the application by typing the following command from the terminal.

npm start

Let’s make a request from the browser to the following url.


When we make this request, the following response will come.

  “success”: true,
  “timestamp”: 1663088643,
  “base”: “EUR”,
  “date”: “2022-09-13”,
  “rates”: {
    “AED”: 3.672682,
    “AFN”: 88.468123,
    “ALL”: 115.760012,
    “AMD”: 405.675496,
    “ANG”: 1.801343,
    “AOA”: 429.425349,
    “ARS”: 142.56822,
    “AUD”: 1.478924,
    “AWG”: 1.802347,
    “AZN”: 1.67956,
    “BAM”: 1.92049,
    “BBD”: 2.018153,
    “BDT”: 94.964137,
    “BGN”: 1.954738,
    “BHD”: 0.376915,
    “BIF”: 2044.82619,
    “BMD”: 0.999915,
    “BND”: 1.393451,
    “BOB”: 6.906672,
    “BRL”: 5.171258,
    “BSD”: 0.999503,
    “BTC”: 4.8164985e-5,
    “BTN”: 79.05065,
    “BWP”: 12.814332,
    “BYN”: 2.522813,
    “BYR”: 19598.334142,
    “BZD”: 2.014696,
    “CAD”: 1.313363,
    “CDF”: 2039.82657,
    “CHF”: 0.959288,
    “CLF”: 0.033196,
    “CLP”: 916.223443,
    “CNY”: 6.924813,
    […]      }

We integrated the Fixer API into the application in just a few steps and used it quickly.


The number of applications that provide the exchange rates service is increasing. In this way, applications can increase the satisfaction of their users and attract more users to the application. You can quickly access the privileges of this service by quickly integrating the Fixer API, which provides an exchange rate API service, into your applications. Here you can find detailed documentation of Fixer API.