Which Platform Offers Best Foreign Exchange Rates API Free Services

The digitalization of the world has provided innovation in many areas today. There have been developments in many areas such as brand new business lines, internationally operating businesses, employment. One of the biggest contributions of digitalization to companies has been the facilitation of their activities in the international arena.

There are many technological developments that will ease the workload of companies operating in the international arena and especially trading companies. The most important of these is the exchange rates api services, which make it very easy for these companies to open up to new country markets by both increasing customer satisfaction and minimizing the margin of error in trading. Companies can easily integrate services that provide exchange rates api services to their websites and provide a user-friendly feeling to their users during payment.

Today, there are many platforms that offer exchange rates api service, but the most popular of these platforms and the one that can offer free services is the Exchangerates api(“https://exchangeratesapi.io/”) service published under Apilayer. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Exchangerates API provides exchange information of more than 200 official currencies in the world with the service it provides. It prevents any erroneous transactions from occurring by obtaining the exchange rates information it provides from official and reliable sources.

Exchangerates api updates its data periodically every 60 seconds with information obtained from reliable sources. This means that it regularly provides the most up-to-date data to its users.

It offers not only instant current data, but also historical data of the desired currency, and provides all these transactions to its users with rest api within just milliseconds.

The Exchangerates api draws attention by offering a monthly quota of 250 http requests to its users free of charge. You can visit their website for many more affordable packages with easy integration and very powerful documentation.


Although there are many platforms that offer exchange rates api service, it is among the most preferred services today with the free service provided by exchangerates api. It is also possible to use more APIs with very affordable packages.

Track Foreign Currencies By Using An API In 2022

The advancement and development of technology is making the world smaller. Thanks to the development of technology, people are expanding their networks around the world. For example, today, people have the chance to access the convenience of shopping easily from the shopping sites of companies in any country.

In the globalizing world, companies providing international services need to track instantaneously changing foreign exchange information depending on multiple factors. There are many ways to track the exchange of information instantly. The most popular and most effortless of these ways is to use the currency converter API.

For example, you have an import company that sells products abroad or you have an import company that buys products from abroad. In this case, it is inevitable to make instant conversions between multiple currencies. Although there are many ways to follow instant conversions of this currency information, the most effortless and fastest way will be to add the service that provides currency converter api service to your company’s site. The service providing currency converter API service will provide companies with the opportunity to easily convert hundreds of currencies in just milliseconds at the payment step.

Another reason why using the currency converter api is the best way to track currency information is that it offers hundreds of officially recognized currency data around the world. The currency converter api also offers hundreds of currency data in just milliseconds.

There are some things to consider before integrating the currency converter api into your website. For example, it is very important that the service providing the currency converter api service that you plan to integrate into your website obtains foreign currency information from reliable sources. Another issue is that this service needs to add the updated data it obtains to the web service it has outsourced at regular intervals. In this way, for example, currency information is updated every 30 seconds and the margin of error in purchases is minimized.

Exchangerates API is one of the most popular services in using currency converter API to track foreign currency information. With over 15 exchange rate data sources, the Exchangerates API is delivering exchanging rates data for more than 170 world currencies. This API has several endpoints, where each of them serves a different purpose, use case. The endpoints include functionalities like receiving the latest exchange rates information for a specific set, or for all currencies; conversion from one to another currency; receiving data Time-series for multiple or for one currency, and preserving the API daily for the fluctuation data.


In the globalizing world, one of the most popular ways of tracking foreign currency information for companies to serve millions of users around the world is to use the currency converter api. You can quickly integrate a service that provides currency converter api service to your websites in order to access many more conveniences and speeds.

Why Would I Need To Integrate A Currency Exchange Rate API Into My Website

Today, people have moved the shopping method online. Every day, millions of people around the world spend time on e-commerce sites and buy products. Especially recently, e-commerce systems have started to serve on a global scale. Now, a person in any location in the world can easily shop from world-famous e-commerce sites with one click.

E-commerce companies serving globally have some responsibilities to perform this service. 

To follow the tax policy of the country served, such as transportation services. 

However, the first issue that companies based on customer satisfaction will pay attention to is the currency conversion service. This article will talk about why companies should integrate the currency exchange rate api into their websites.

The greatest freedom that currency exchange rate API provides to companies is to serve customers in the international arena. Companies that integrate the currency exchange rate api to their websites can access the ease of reaching people anywhere in the world.

International arena

The use of currency exchange rate API is very important especially for companies that import and export. Companies selling abroad will have the ease of converting payments into the currency of the companies to which they will sell, during the payment process. 

This will give companies speed and confidence. On the other hand, the importing companies will be able to easily and quickly convert from the currency given at the time of payment to their own currencies.

Customer satisfaction

Companies that are currently serving globally can easily increase customer satisfaction by integrating the currency exchange rate API into their websites. People will want to see the price of the products on the website in the official currency of the country they are in and pay in that currency. This will give people confidence and comfort. In this way, it will provide organic traffic to the websites of the companies.

Currency trading app

Today, it is one of the most popular investment tools, the foreign exchange buying and selling method.  People can convert between many currencies in a very short time in the online environment.  If you have a currency exchange website, integrating the currency exchange rate api into the website will make your work much easier. Services that provide currency exchange rate api services offer the buying and selling values ​​of hundreds of currencies in an instant and up-to-date manner.  By integrating services that provide currency exchange rate api services to their websites, companies can increase their transaction volume and get rid of extra software development costs by presenting hundreds of currency conversion data to their users in just milliseconds.


As our age goes global, people around the world can shop online from world-famous companies. Companies can provide many conveniences to their customers by integrating the services that provide currency exchange rate API services into their websites.

8 Ways To Elevate Your Corporate Payments Procedures

Nowadays, almost every kind of business has started to shift to the digital environment. Firms, people have brought all the needs of their businesses to the internet environment. This situation has revealed an abundance of options in the digital environment.

Especially today, the concept of e-commerce has become one of the most popular services preferred in the internet environment. People have access to the convenience of purchasing the products they like from all over the world with one click. For e-commerce environments, one of the most important issues is the payment step. Companies pay great attention to payment steps in order not to lose their reputation.

In this article, 8 ways to increase procedures, especially in corporate payments, will be discussed.

  1. Supported currencies

One of the most important issues in corporate payment steps is the number of currencies your system supports. There are hundreds of official currencies in the world and you should ensure that people from all over the world can easily shop without any currency barriers in their purchases through your application. With the exchange rate api, which will be integrated into the corporate payment step of your system, you can obtain the value of hundreds of currencies instantly and increase the corporate payment procedure of your system by providing information to your users and providing convenience during payment.

  1. Reliable currency data

It is very important for the reputation of the company that the data in the currency services that will be offered to the users during the corporate payment are reliable. The exchange rate API service that you will integrate into your system must be fed from reliable data sources at certain periods and transmit the most up-to-date data to your system. Otherwise, offering transactions to your international users with incorrect currency conversion values ​​will adversely affect your corporate payment procedures.

  1. Transaction speed

One of the most important issues after the security in corporate payment steps is the speed of the transaction. Systems can contribute to corporate payment procedures by providing users with the opportunity to make quick transactions. No user wants to face time-consuming processes at the payment step. This creates insecurity.

  1. Keep data in digital environment

Since there will be no cash flow in shopping done in digital environments, paperless accounting emerges. At this stage, the payment details should be kept securely in the digital environment for payments made in the digital environment. Since it will be a paperless accounting, the margin of error and irregularity in payments will be reduced to zero.

  1. Secure payment

The most important issue in electronic payments is security. Users want the card information they will enter during the purchase step from your system to be processed reliably. For example, you can gain trust by offering the 3D payment method service provided by banking to users from your system. You can elevate your corporate payment procedures by using a reliable payment infrastructure in your systems.

  1. Detailed invoices

In corporate payment transactions, it is very important that the electronic invoice that will be sent to the user after the payment is completed, is detailed. All charges (service, cargo, product, tax) received from the user should be clearly stated in the detailed invoice. This will allow you to elevate your corporate payment procedures.

  1. Transaction log

One of the most important issues to be considered in the flow of payment transactions is to log the transactions made by your users during the payment step. If you want to elevate your corporate payment procedures, you must have the records of the problems that the users experienced during the payment and you should help your users by looking at the logs.

  1. Exchange rate API support

It is very important that the exchange rate API service that will be integrated into the corporate payment step is obtained from a reliable and corporate company. It is very important to have a unit that you will receive support in case of an error or integration problem in the exchange rate API, which you will use for many purposes in the payment steps. This will increase the trust of your users in your system.


It is possible to elevate your corporate payment procedures in many ways in addition to the above items. Do not forget that configuring your system, taking into account security and customer satisfaction, will directly increase your corporate payment procedures.

How Can Currency Exchange API Benefit Your Business or Project?

Currency trading applications have become very popular nowadays. In particular, the investment process has expanded to many age groups, young and old. With the increase in demand and the development of technology, people can now trade between hundreds of currencies through just one application.

Applications with which we can buy and sell foreign currency from a single point generally serve their users by integrating Currency Exchange API services into their applications.

In this article, the contribution of the Currency Exchange API, which you will integrate into your applications, to your businesses or projects will be mentioned.

Supporting hundreds of currencies

With the Currency Exchange API, which will be integrated into the applications of your business, you can support and process hundreds of currencies around the world through the application. With the support of hundreds of currencies around the world, you can attract users from all over the world to your application and directly increase the transaction volume of your business.

Attracting investors to your business with historical data

Professional traders usually need historical data of the currencies they will trade. These investors shape their investments by making statistics and analyzes on historical data. With the Currency Exchange API that you will integrate into the application of your business, it will provide both historical and current data to the investors through the application, and will enable you to attract professional investors to your business.

Reliable business

It is very critical that the data presented to your users is up-to-date and accurate, especially if foreign exchange transactions are made through the application owned by your business. With the Currency Exchange API that you will integrate into your application, you can present currency data to your users and receive up-to-date data by sending a request to the Currency Exchange API service at regular intervals.

Increase transaction speed

Through the application your business has, both conversion and trading can be done between hundreds of currencies intensively. While these processes are being performed, users’ waiting for a long time on the loading pages of your application will lead to a very bad user experience. With the Currency Exchange API, you can instantly transmit the values ​​to be traded between hundreds of currencies to your users in just milliseconds. The speed factor will start an organic traffic towards your business.


There are many more benefits of using the services that provide Currency Exchange API service in your businesses. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, you can quickly integrate Currency Exchange API services into your applications to discover many more benefits and reduce your transaction speed to milliseconds.