The number of platforms where people can trade with foreign exchange data is quite high. Many businesses offer their users a unique forex trading experience through their platforms. Increasing competition improves the experience platforms provide users and can increase transaction speeds. Today, they mostly use the forex exchange rates API (Application Programming Interface) to increase the transaction speed of these platforms and the accuracy of the financial data being traded. Forex trading platforms frequently use the FIX API forex, especially to support the FIX protocol.

Fixer API forex is used by many professional traders providing them with a high-speed connection directly between a client, trader, liquidity provider, investment fund, or multiple brokers such as retail forex and forex broker. It eliminates the necessity of using third-party programs. Users perform their market-based transactions in accordance with the FIX protocol provided by FIX Protocol Ltd. Let’s explore the benefits of using FIX API forex and get to know the most preferred FIX API forex trading platforms.

What are the Leverages of Fixer API?

In today’s fast-paced financial markets, the timely and dependable transmission of trade orders is critical. FIX messages have become a reliable and efficient means of communication for traders. FIX API currently serves many trading platforms and forex market participants. There are many advantages it provides. Some of these are as follows:

Fast data transfer: The Fixer API has been developed to provide the fastest forex data. Platforms using the FIX API guarantee their trader’s minimal delays in forex trading.

Highly accurate data: The fast data provided by this API is highly accurate. Since they also support the FIX protocol, there is no shortage of data consistency for trading platforms in this regard.

Integration: This API has a flexible infrastructure. Thus, developers can integrate this API into almost any programming language.

High liquidity: The Fixer API provides access to high liquidity levels, helping traders trade quickly and effectively.

Most Compatible FIX API for Forex Trading Platforms: Fixer API

Fixer API is a FIX API that many large businesses use, such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Instacart. It is also a free FIX API.

Fixer supports the FIX protocol and provides forex data of 170 official currencies with this protocol. It updates the Forex data of 170 currencies provides every 60 seconds by obtaining from official exchange or market servers. In this way, it provides high-accuracy data.

Fixer FIX API solution is not designed only for experienced traders; some services can appeal to all traders. For this reason, it provides multiple endpoints. With these endpoints, businesses can provide services to their users on many issues about forex. Some popular endpoints are the latest rates, conversion, and historical rates.

This API provides easily filterable data with the help of queries. In addition, thanks to its flexible infrastructure, it can integrate with JavaScript, Golang, PHP, Ruby, Java programming languages, and more in just a few steps.

How to Filter Forex Data with Fixer API?

Fixer API can provide instant Forex data of 170 currencies with its latest rates. But many businesses and platforms want to filter data for 170 currencies and get only a few. Based on this, the Fixer API can only provide data for the desired currencies with the ‘symbols’ parameter.

As an example, let’s paste the following URL into our browser.,JPY,TRY

Let’s paste our API key into the ‘YOUR_API_KEY’ field and send a request from the browser. Our result will be as follows.

latest rates response of the Fixer API

What are the Potential Errors in Fixer API?

Fixer API provides very advanced error handling to provide the best experience to the developers during the development process. The error response it provides contains an error code and a detailed error description associated with it.

With these error responses, the developers can master all the details in case of any error. In addition, Fixer’s support team helps you in all matters in case of any errors that may occur in this and other than these.

An example error response provided by the Fixer API is as follows.

  "success": false,
  "error": {
    "code": 104,
    "info": "Your monthly API request volume has been reached. Please upgrade your plan."

In addition, all potential error codes and descriptions of the Fixer API are contained in its unique documentation.

potential error list of the Fixer API


As a result, the FIX API is indispensable for trading and financial platforms today. With the dozens of advantages it provides, the platforms provide unique experiences and secure transactions to their users. Fixer API, which supports the Fixer protocol and serves its users with multiple endpoints, is one of the most popular FIX APIs today.

Use the most popular FIX API for free, and give your users unique experiences with multiple endpoints.


Q: What Is the FIX API Forex, Which Is Frequently Used in Forex Trading?

A: FIX API forex is actually an electronic communications protocol. Also, the FIX API supports the FIX protocol. It provides foreign exchange data in line with the FIX messaging protocol versions the FIX Trading Community provided. It provides trade-related data. Many financial markets that offer forex trading use the FIX API forex.

Q: Is Fixer Just a Forex Historical Data API?

A: No, it doesn’t just provide forex historical market data. Fixer API provides almost every service that any electronic trading industry might need regarding forex data today. These are as follows:

  • Latest rates endpoint
  • Convert endpoint
  • Historical rates endpoint
  • Time-Series data endpoint
  • Fluctuation data endpoint

Q: What Does the Fixer Protocol Provide to Users?

A: The FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol is an electronic communication protocol used mostly for financial transactions. FIX APIs that support the FIX protocol provide advantages to their users in many aspects, such as speed, reliability, integration, and standardization.

Q: What Is the Most Popular Forex Exchange Rates API That Provides Financial Information Exchange?

A: Many forex exchange rates API provides financial information exchange data in the market. Among these APIs, the API that supports the FIX protocol and is used by many trading servers is the Fixer API. Fixer API provides real-time data and real-time communication. In this way, applications with professional traders assist their traders in crafting trading strategies.