When looking for the best exchange rate API for Java, there are a few things those interested in getting an exchange rates API need to be aware of.

Not every single exchange rate API for Java is built equally, and some stand out more than others. 

exchange rate api java for historical foreign exchange rates and API requests , with a free API Key availability and no limit output currencies.

To make the process as simple as possible for new users, we will look at the best available API options so that anyone can make a well-educated decision. In this post, readers will find the top currency exchange rate APIs available for 2023 and beyond. Let’s dive in.

API to Get Currency Exchange Rates

Throughout the API industry, there are free and paid options. A free currency exchange rate API is a tool that can empower anyone to integrate current data into their applications or websites. 

Additionally, an API offers web services for conversion, and developers can get rates as effortlessly as possible. 

Moreover, the tools discussed here are free, meaning no money needs to be spent to implement and use them.

To use an API, each person implementing it must gain access to the API key. This unique key will never be the same for every user. In addition, the key must be inserted into the code, and an API documentation analysis must be conducted for proper integration.

What is a Powerful, Reliable JSON API?

One of the most fundamental aspects of an API is to be powerful and reliable. Many exchange rate APIs typically come with guaranteed availability, scalable volume, high uptime, and fast support. Most APIs get consistent monitoring to ensure high availability.

The currency rates will also need to get sourced from financial data providers that are trusted, as well as banks. This means that users will always be able to get accurate and reliable rates.

API endpoints for HTTPS protocol and sample code that can make an API call for a base currency or two currencies or any other currencies available with a simple task and function name, with JSONP callbacks implemented.

The APIs will also need to feature helpful documentation covering all aspects of its implementation and integration in great detail, providing access to samples so anyone can use it, regardless of their experience. 

These APIs are some of the best, free available options.

1. Fixer – The Best Free Exchange Rate API for 2023

Fixer.io stands out compared to the other options because it offers 170 world currencies updated every 60 seconds. 

Moreover, the API features bank-grade 256-bit SSL Encryption, ensuring high security. The data delivered by Fixer is sourced from financial providers and banks, such as the European Central Bank. The API features extensive documentation, ensuring simple integration. Create a free account and start using Fixer today.

2. Currencylayer – A Solid Alternative That’s Feature-Rich

Currencylayer is a real-time JSON API that supports 168 world currencies and collects data from various commercial sources and even banks. 

Additionally, it’s compatible with any application and programming language and gets data updates in as few as 60 seconds. It has advanced features, including historical rates, and lets users switch parameters as they see fit. 

3. Exchange Rates API – A High-Performance Free Exchange Rate API

Exchange Rates API offers real-time, intraday, and historical market data and is a simple-to-use REST API interface. This currency exchange rate data API is free for up to 250 monthly requests, and anyone can easily get the API key. 

In addition, there is extensive documentation, and support for over 200 currencies, updated once every 60 seconds. The API features over 15 exchange rate data sources and has numerous endpoints, making it an excellent addition.

4. Open Exchange Rates – An API Offering Consistent, Reliable Exchange Rate Data 

Open Exchange Rates is one of the simplest APIs developers can implement, and it provides accurate exchange rate data by using accurate sources. 

Moreover, the community behind the API created over 200 open-source libraries and plugins. This leads to simple integration.

5. Currency API – Handle Exchange Rate Conversion with Ease

Currency API aims to empower developers and users to handle exchange rate conversions. It features historical data surrounding foreign exchange rates, and the free plan provides users with 300 free credits on over 170 supported currencies. They get updated every 60 seconds, and the REST service offers a solid infrastructure that can handle millions of requests daily.

Currency conversion API with access key and comma separated currency codes, featuring JAVA exchange rates, currency data, three letter currency code, as a web service, and a preferred base currency for a free service offeering with an API endpoint and API's callback function with a JSON response.

Making the Right Pick

Many popular exchange rate API Java options are available for users to pick from, and this high level of competition ensures that all of them remain on the bleeding edge of technology to remain competitive.

Additionally, whatever API users pick, they will get a solid experience. However, some APIs have more functions and features and are far easier to implement, such as the case with Fixer.io. Moreover, it’s fast, powerful, and easy to try, and users can try it today for free. Additionally, new users can begin using Fixer today.

With all of this in mind, we have gone over some of the most important aspects that users need to be aware of before making their pick and looked at some of the most notable APIs available, where all of them work with Java.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There an API for Getting Currency Exchange Rates?

There are numerous APIs available that include the functionality of enabling users the ability to get currency exchange rates. In addition, one of the most notable options is Fixer.io, but there are also alternatives.

What are Currency Conversion Endpoints?

Any API that converts a value from one currency to another is considered a conversion endpoint API. In addition, developers can integrate these tools or programs within an application or website and enable the currency conversion operation to occur.

Can I Convert Currencies Using an API?

Through the usage of a currency exchange rate API, anyone will be able to convert currency by getting real-time currency rates.

What Types of Historical Rates Does the API Offer?

It depends on the API. For example, Fixer.io, as an API offers historical exchange rate data that dates back to January 1, 1999. It gets daily, weekly, monthly, or annual data. 

What is a Time-Series Endpoint?

The time-series endpoint provides daily history data for currency fluctuations. In addition, the data can be provided for all currencies that are accessible or just a subset of the available currencies.