Forex (foreign exchange) trading has experienced a great change from the past to the present. The biggest factor in this is the development of technology and the intertwining of the forex trading field with technology. The time and effort spent in forex trading transactions have been reduced to seconds, with many trading platforms where we can make these transactions. These trading platforms provide their users with financial data and transactions made with this data in many sources with FIX API forex. It is also called the forex exchange rates API in many sources.

FIX API forex provides financial data to its users in accordance with the FIX protocol determined by the FIX Trading Community. FIX community sets criteria and rules. For this reason, businesses such as the electronic trading industry use this API, where data accuracy is important. Let’s talk about the advantages and usage areas of FIX API forex.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The FIX API Forex?

This API provides many advantages to businesses and developers as it has an electronic communications protocol and provides real-time data. Some of them are as follows:

Fast and secure communication: FIX API forex guarantees fast and secure transmission of financial data. In this way, users can be aware of instant price movements and make transactions quickly. Additionally, it allows businesses and developers to create crafting trading strategies.

Data accuracy: Another advantage is the accuracy of the data provided by this API. This API prevents users from harming others by providing data with very high accuracy.

High efficiency with automated processes: FIX API forex updates the data provided by it in a short time. Users using this API also automatically obtain data from this API and achieve high efficiency with the most up-to-date data.

What Are The Use Cases Of FIX API?

The FIX API with the electronic communications protocol appears in many applications today. So, instead of scraping data from third-party programs, businesses can directly obtain financial data with the high-speed connection of the FIX API.

Some platforms that FIX API forex use today are as follows.

Trading platforms: The FIX API is often used to trade financial markets. Trading platforms, in particular, can use the FIX API to professionally serve their professional traders and speed up their transactions by automating them.

Risk management platforms: Risk management platforms can use the FIX API. These companies can track financial risk data with this API and better serve their customers.

Analytics and research platforms: Various analytics platforms can prefer the FIX API to analyze and research financial data. In this way, investors can make better investment decisions by monitoring market trends and price movements.

Fixer API: The Most Popular Financial Information Exchange API

fixer API homepage

Fixer offers today’s most popular FIX API in accordance with the FIX protocol. It provides services to more than 200,000 developers and businesses such as Microsoft, Bershka, and Kranken with its FIX API solution.

The FIX API access is crucial for traders to execute their transactions efficiently and securely. Therefore, Fixer provides a web service that provides extremely secure and fast data to its users.

Fixer API gets the data it provides from official exchange or market servers. For example, it obtains from financial data providers and even from various banks, especially the European Central Bank.

One of the most important features that distinguish Fixer API from other FIX APIs is that it provides historical market data. It provides historical market data up to January 1, 1999, of the forex data of 170 official currencies it provides. In this way, users using this API can use both live and historical data of 170 currencies in the applications they host on their own trading servers.

Finally, Fixer API, which provides real-time communication, cannot provide data that appeals only to experienced traders today. It aims to appeal to all traders with its unique documentation and various available endpoints.

What Are The Sample Code Integrations That Fixer API Provides?

Fixer API can be easily integrated into every popular programming language today. Such as Golang, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, C#, C++, and Java programming languages.

In this section, we will see code examples of Fixer API’s PHP and JavaScript programming languages.


// set API Endpoint and API key
$endpoint = 'latest';
$access_key = 'API_KEY';

// Initialize CURL:
$ch = curl_init(''.$endpoint.'?access_key='.$access_key.'');
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);

// Store the data:
$json = curl_exec($ch);

// Decode JSON response:
$exchangeRates = json_decode($json, true);

// Access the exchange rate values, e.g. GBP:
echo $exchangeRates['rates']['GBP'];


// set endpoint and your access key
endpoint = 'latest'
access_key = 'API_KEY';

// get the most recent exchange rates via the "latest" endpoint:
    url: '' + endpoint + '?access_key=' + access_key,
    dataType: 'jsonp',
    success: function(json) {

        // exchange rata data is stored in json.rates

        // base currency is stored in json.base

        // timestamp can be accessed in json.timestamp


An example of the JSON output provided by the Fixer API is as follows.

an example JSON response of the fixer API


To summarize, FIX APIs, which we see frequently in trading platforms, are of great importance today. Especially with FIX APIs with FIX protocol, businesses provide a safe and fast experience to their users.

Use today’s most popular FIX API and provide both current and historical market data to its users. Plus, do it for free.


Q: What is the FIX API (Application Programming Interface) forex?

A: FIX API (Application Programming Interface) is an API developed for businesses trading in Forex markets. It provides instant values and even conversions of trade-related data. For example, Fixer API, Exchange rates API, and Open Exchange Rates API are a few of them.

Q: How does the forex exchange rates API work?

A: Forex exchange rates API was developed to provide fast and up-to-date international currency information that businesses need. This API obtains the data it provides from official financial institutions.

Q: What are the FIX APIs that provide historical data?

A: There are many FIX APIs available today but only some of them provide historical data. The most popular FIX APIs that also provide historical data are:

  • Fixer API
  • Exchange rates API
  • Currencylayer API
  • Open Exchange Rates API

Q: What is the FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol?

A: FIX (Financial Information eXchange) is an accepted protocol used in financial markets. Also known as FIX protocol Ltd. The FIX protocol enables investors and service providers to communicate with each other, allowing for faster, safer, and more efficient transactions in financial markets. FIX messaging protocol includes versions and the latest version is 5.0 and FIX messages support multiple brokers. Such as forex brokers and prime brokers.