There are many types of investments today. Like cryptocurrencies, real estate, and stocks. However, from the past to the present, the popularity of investment tools continues to be maintained. Currency investment.

Foreign exchange investors have a foreign exchange portfolio in their hands. In this portfolio, there are strategies implemented according to the paths followed by investors. In this article, we will talk about why we should have more than one currency in the foreign exchange portfolio. But first, let’s clear up some issues.

What is a portfolio

A portfolio is the total value of investment instruments such as cash, foreign currency, gold, bonds, stocks, deposits, and bills that real or legal persons hold to invest and earn profits.

The investment portfolio is prepared in line with the return (return) and risk expectations of the investors. This process is called Portfolio Management and should be done through intermediary institutions with authorization certificates.

What is foreign currency investment?

The difference in value between the currencies of developed countries and the currencies of developing countries is an alternative for investors. Investments made by comparing the difference between currencies are called foreign exchange investments. So how to invest in foreign currency? Foreign exchange markets; Currencies gain or lose value because they are associated with international processes. This situation is defined as a gain or loss for investors.

What is the main reason for diversifying the foreign exchange portfolio with currencies?

When investing in foreign exchange, it is very important to follow the money markets closely and analyze the market. In addition to a good analysis of the money markets, it is very important in the way to invest.

In foreign exchange investments, investors make transactions by risking loss and gain. There are some ways traders can minimize their risk of loss. One of the most popular and guaranteed ways of these ways is to prefer more than one currency when investing in foreign currency.

Preferring more than one currency when investing in foreign currency means compensating for possible losses. For this reason, investors who invest in foreign exchange should invest in at least two of the currencies that are more valuable than the official currency in their location.

Did you know that today there is a very short and popular way to quickly buy and sell currencies in which investors diversify their portfolios? Let’s see what it is.

Currency Portfolio with Foreign Exchange Currencies

The fastest way to currency conversions

One of the fastest ways of converting between currencies and trading is through digital applications. Digital applications generally use free currency converter API in their infrastructures so that investors can quickly and easily diversify the currencies in their portfolios.

Fixer API provides the service that offers the currency converter process used in applications today. It is actively used by more than 200,000 developers and businesses and is growing in popularity.

The main advantage of Fixer API to investors is that it provides information about 170 official currencies in the world through a single service. In this way, investors can diversify their foreign exchange portfolios even in 170 currencies.

Fixer API also provides an excellent service to foreign exchange traders to shape their investments. Historical currency data with a single service. Fixer API provides values ​​of 170 official currencies to each other since 1999. In this way, investors can analyze the historical data of the currencies they will invest in and shape their investments.

Finally, the most satisfying service to investors is the accuracy of the value of 170 currencies. Fixer API provides the most up-to-date data to investors with the data obtained from official financial institutions and banks.


It is a fact that increasing the currency diversity in the portfolios of foreign exchange investors reduces the risk of loss. Fixer API, on the other hand, offers the currency converter service that offers this approach to investors in the fastest way. Check out the always updated and powerful documentation it offers to shape your investments and learn more with the Fixer API.