Technological developments have provided many conveniences to people in their daily lives. The biggest example of this is that most people no longer convert between currencies in traditional ways. The frequency of use of exchange offices has decreased gradually.

Today, people are converting and buying and selling hundreds of currencies in milliseconds through a single application. They also have the freedom to do these transactions 24 hours a day. Accordingly, the demand for applications and websites where foreign exchange transactions are made is increasing.

Today, applications and websites of many businesses where foreign exchange transactions are made use the currency conversion API. With the currency conversion API, businesses directly increase their transaction volume by maximizing customer satisfaction. They also enable them to stay ahead of their competitors in difficult market conditions.

Fixer API is the most popular service offering currency conversion API services. Fixer API is preferred and used by very large companies such as Kraken, Microsoft, Instacard, Samsung, Bershka. Well, let’s examine how companies get ahead of their competitors with the Fixer API, which offers currency conversion API service, and what advantages the Fixer API provides to businesses.

Why Fixer API

There are many reasons why Fixer API is the most popular and best currency conversion service today. The most important of these is the accuracy of the data provided by the Fixer API. Currency data provided by the Fixer API is obtained from more than 15 official official exchange rate data sources and banks, including the European Central Bank. The exchange rate data provided is updated every 60 seconds.

Fixer API- Java Currency API

With accurate data provided, Fixer API is capable of providing real-time exchange rate data for 170 official currencies around the world. With this feature, Fixer appeals to users around the world. This is one of the main reasons why it is preferred by businesses that provide foreign exchange trading services, especially targeting international users.

Fixer API also provides historical data. With the historical data service, the applications will be able to see and analyze the historical data of the currencies they want to trade with their users. In this way, users can update their investment plans. With this service, applications can attract users who make high-volume transactions to their businesses.

As in any application, speed is the most important factor. Fixer API provides 170 currency data in just milliseconds. This helps the users in the applications not to face any waiting time while trading foreign currency.

 Fixer API has been developed by adopting a software-friendly approach. After obtaining the API key, integrating the Fixer API into the application is just a few simple steps. They also provide powerful documentation to answer any questions you may have about integration or usage.


Services and applications that provide currency conversion API service provide the most perfect currency trading experience to their users. With the Fixer API that you will integrate into your applications, you can both get ahead of your competitors and increase the transaction volume of your business.