Many companies with international visitors make transactions for their visitors according to the official currencies of the visitors’ locations. For example, e-commerce sites, foreign exchange trading applications. Businesses take advantage of 3rd party sources by automating currency conversion information through their applications.

For currency conversion operations, services that provide currency conversion API services are generally implemented in applications. Let’s examine what the Currency conversion API is.

What is currency conversion API

The currency conversion API allows you to automate currency conversions of applications and obtain currency conversion information from a single point.

There are more than 200 official currencies in the world. Applications with large user bases integrate and use modern currency conversion API services into their applications to facilitate the purchasing process of their users in every region.

Today, the most preferred currency conversion API service is Fixer API. Fixer API provides a service that is easy to use, lightweight and contains the most up-to-date data. It provides the value of the desired currency against the official 170 currencies in the world very quickly. The main reason why it is the most preferred currency conversion API service today is that it also provides historical data service that can be used by professional investors.

So let’s take a look at the advantages of using the currency conversion API for customers and developers.

Advantages of using currency API for customers and developers

The most important advantage for developers of using the currency conversion API is that it frees them from the burden of obtaining data. With a currency conversion API to be integrated into the application, developers will access other currency values ​​corresponding to the desired currency with just a simple HTTP request.

The data obtained will be in JSON format, which will provide convenience to the developers when parsing the data.

Especially popular services such as Fixer API provide very powerful documentation. Developers can get quick help from my documentation for any problem they experience.

Developers will not need to take any action regarding the accuracy of the data. Reliable services that provide currency conversion API service provide the most up-to-date data to developers in the most accurate way.

Users in applications using currency conversion API services will encounter many conveniences. Due to the fast operation of the Currency conversion API, it will be able to trade between hundreds of currencies in seconds. This will directly increase customer satisfaction and the transaction volume in your business will directly increase.

In addition, with services that provide historical data services such as Fixer API, users will have the opportunity to analyze historical data before trading. You can present a chart for professional traders.


The use of services that provide currency conversion API services continues to increase day by day. It is especially preferred by the applications invested in, but it is very important that the service used is reliable and provides up-to-date data. If you are looking for a service that provides a currency conversion API service that is reliable, fast and provides the most up-to-date data, you can take a look at Fixer API.