The digitalization of the world has provided innovation in many areas today. There have been developments in many areas such as brand new business lines, internationally operating businesses, employment. One of the biggest contributions of digitalization to companies has been the facilitation of their activities in the international arena.

There are many technological developments that will ease the workload of companies operating in the international arena and especially trading companies. The most important of these is the exchange rates api services, which make it very easy for these companies to open up to new country markets by both increasing customer satisfaction and minimizing the margin of error in trading. Companies can easily integrate services that provide exchange rates api services to their websites and provide a user-friendly feeling to their users during payment.

Today, there are many platforms that offer exchange rates api service, but the most popular of these platforms and the one that can offer free services is the Exchangerates api(“”) service published under Apilayer. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Exchangerates API provides exchange information of more than 200 official currencies in the world with the service it provides. It prevents any erroneous transactions from occurring by obtaining the exchange rates information it provides from official and reliable sources.

Exchangerates api updates its data periodically every 60 seconds with information obtained from reliable sources. This means that it regularly provides the most up-to-date data to its users.

It offers not only instant current data, but also historical data of the desired currency, and provides all these transactions to its users with rest api within just milliseconds.

The Exchangerates api draws attention by offering a monthly quota of 250 http requests to its users free of charge. You can visit their website for many more affordable packages with easy integration and very powerful documentation.


Although there are many platforms that offer exchange rates api service, it is among the most preferred services today with the free service provided by exchangerates api. It is also possible to use more APIs with very affordable packages.