The advancement and development of technology is making the world smaller. Thanks to the development of technology, people are expanding their networks around the world. For example, today, people have the chance to access the convenience of shopping easily from the shopping sites of companies in any country.

In the globalizing world, companies providing international services need to track instantaneously changing foreign exchange information depending on multiple factors. There are many ways to track the exchange of information instantly. The most popular and most effortless of these ways is to use the currency converter API.

For example, you have an import company that sells products abroad or you have an import company that buys products from abroad. In this case, it is inevitable to make instant conversions between multiple currencies. Although there are many ways to follow instant conversions of this currency information, the most effortless and fastest way will be to add the service that provides currency converter api service to your company’s site. The service providing currency converter API service will provide companies with the opportunity to easily convert hundreds of currencies in just milliseconds at the payment step.

Another reason why using the currency converter api is the best way to track currency information is that it offers hundreds of officially recognized currency data around the world. The currency converter api also offers hundreds of currency data in just milliseconds.

There are some things to consider before integrating the currency converter api into your website. For example, it is very important that the service providing the currency converter api service that you plan to integrate into your website obtains foreign currency information from reliable sources. Another issue is that this service needs to add the updated data it obtains to the web service it has outsourced at regular intervals. In this way, for example, currency information is updated every 30 seconds and the margin of error in purchases is minimized.

Exchangerates API is one of the most popular services in using currency converter API to track foreign currency information. With over 15 exchange rate data sources, the Exchangerates API is delivering exchanging rates data for more than 170 world currencies. This API has several endpoints, where each of them serves a different purpose, use case. The endpoints include functionalities like receiving the latest exchange rates information for a specific set, or for all currencies; conversion from one to another currency; receiving data Time-series for multiple or for one currency, and preserving the API daily for the fluctuation data.


In the globalizing world, one of the most popular ways of tracking foreign currency information for companies to serve millions of users around the world is to use the currency converter api. You can quickly integrate a service that provides currency converter api service to your websites in order to access many more conveniences and speeds.