Today, people have moved the shopping method online. Every day, millions of people around the world spend time on e-commerce sites and buy products. Especially recently, e-commerce systems have started to serve on a global scale. Now, a person in any location in the world can easily shop from world-famous e-commerce sites with one click.

E-commerce companies serving globally have some responsibilities to perform this service. 

To follow the tax policy of the country served, such as transportation services. 

However, the first issue that companies based on customer satisfaction will pay attention to is the currency conversion service. This article will talk about why companies should integrate the currency exchange rate api into their websites.

The greatest freedom that currency exchange rate API provides to companies is to serve customers in the international arena. Companies that integrate the currency exchange rate api to their websites can access the ease of reaching people anywhere in the world.

International arena

The use of currency exchange rate API is very important especially for companies that import and export. Companies selling abroad will have the ease of converting payments into the currency of the companies to which they will sell, during the payment process. 

This will give companies speed and confidence. On the other hand, the importing companies will be able to easily and quickly convert from the currency given at the time of payment to their own currencies.

Customer satisfaction

Companies that are currently serving globally can easily increase customer satisfaction by integrating the currency exchange rate API into their websites. People will want to see the price of the products on the website in the official currency of the country they are in and pay in that currency. This will give people confidence and comfort. In this way, it will provide organic traffic to the websites of the companies.

Currency trading app

Today, it is one of the most popular investment tools, the foreign exchange buying and selling method.  People can convert between many currencies in a very short time in the online environment.  If you have a currency exchange website, integrating the currency exchange rate api into the website will make your work much easier. Services that provide currency exchange rate api services offer the buying and selling values ​​of hundreds of currencies in an instant and up-to-date manner.  By integrating services that provide currency exchange rate api services to their websites, companies can increase their transaction volume and get rid of extra software development costs by presenting hundreds of currency conversion data to their users in just milliseconds.


As our age goes global, people around the world can shop online from world-famous companies. Companies can provide many conveniences to their customers by integrating the services that provide currency exchange rate API services into their websites.