Nowadays, places where people buy and sell foreign currency have shifted from exchange offices to digital environments. Through an application, they can meet both their investment and foreign exchange needs by trading between all official currencies in the world from a single point. There are hundreds and thousands of applications where you can buy and sell foreign currency among hundreds of currencies through a single application in the online environment.

The number of foreign exchange trading applications continues to increase day by day. The increasing number of applications brings with it risk and danger.

People need to be selective when choosing the application to trade currency. The security, speed and accuracy of the data provided by the application you intend to use are important in this regard.

These applications, which support international official currencies and enable trading, generally use services that provide Currency Exchange API service. They should show the same sensitivity that people show when choosing the application they will prefer, while choosing the service that provides Exchange Currency API service in applications. First of all, they should choose a reliable service.

Fixer Exchange API

The most popular service that provides Exchange Currency API today is Fixer API. Fixer is used by thousands of developers, SMBs and large companies every day. Fixer offers a powerful JSON API that enables exchange rates and currency conversion. Having been serving for more than 6 years, fixer is preferred by big companies such as Kranken, Microsoft, Instacart, Samsung, Berskha today.

Supporting 170 official currencies around the world, it offers a very large data pool for businesses. It updates its data pool every 60 seconds and provides the most up-to-date data to businesses.

One of the expectations of businesses from services that provide Currency Exchange API is speed. Fixer brings instant data to you in milliseconds in order to provide the best service to your users in your businesses and to increase your customer satisfaction.

People who do foreign exchange trading as an investment usually need to analyze historical data. Fixer also provides businesses with historical exchange rate data up to January 1, 1999.

The most outstanding feature of the fixer, which provides Currency Exchange API service, is its reliability. The accuracy and consistency of the data it provides to businesses is at the highest level. Currency data provided by Fixer is obtained from financial data providers and banks, including the European Central Bank. In addition, the connection you will establish to the Fixer API through your application has bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption.

As another indicator of security and consistency, Fixer also offers its customers a technical support service that they can reach whenever they want. Thanks to this feature, businesses can use this service with peace of mind.

Fixer API also has a developer-friendly approach on the code side. It offers businesses the opportunity to save time with many approaches such as fast integration, response in JSON format, and powerful documentation.

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Businesses should be using services that provide reliable and accurate data to increase user satisfaction and attract new users to their applications. You can obtain accurate, fast and reliable data through a single service in your currency trading application with the fixer, which provides Currency Exchange API service.