Recently, we have seen that people have entered the foreign currency exchange API buying and selling process. Most people do this to invest or maintain the value of their own money. With the development of technology, people started to trade between official currencies in the world by entering an application via their mobile phones.

It has become increasingly easier to see exchange rate information and trade among hundreds of currencies with a single application. These applications mostly integrate the services that provide Currency Exchange API services into their applications and present the information they receive from the service to their customers in milliseconds.

Before integrating the services that provide Currency API service into your applications, there are some points that you need to pay attention to.

The first of these is reliability. The service that provides the Currency Exchange API service that you plan to integrate into your application should be investigated. It is necessary to make a choice by analyzing issues such as the accuracy of the data and the security of the communication.

You should definitely pay attention to the speed factor. You should provide your users with information such as the exchange rate information they want to see in milliseconds.

Let’s examine the popular free Currency Exchange rate API services in the market now.

Best Ways to use Currency Exchange API

10 popular Currency Exchange API services that you can integrate into your application will be listed.

1. Fixer

Fixer provides a service that includes Currency Exchange API service. It is one of the most preferred Currency Exchange rate APIs. It includes flexible packages and prices are available for every budget. Fixer offers 170 official currencies worldwide in milliseconds, updated in 60 seconds. It has a flexible structure. It also provides historical data services.


2. Live-Rates API

Live-Rates API returns Forex rates to its customers in JSON and XML formats, which are the most preferred formats for inter-series communication today. The rates offered by the Live-Rates API, which provides Currency Exchange API service, are constantly updated. This platform is designed for integration with eCommerce systems, brokerages, and casinos.


3. XE Currency Data REST API

Another service that provides Currency Exchange API service is XE Currency Data API. It is a solution for monitoring real-time exchange rates in international money markets. The API acts as a hub for streaming exchange rates for over 160 currencies, provided by over 100 sources from around the world. It can present data in JSON, XML, and CSV formats.


4. Currency API

Currency API is a Currency Exchange API that provides services for you to do your exchange rate conversions. The service it offers, it helps you with current and past exchange rates. In addition, the Currency API provides a strong infrastructure by processing millions of requests per day.


5. Currencylayer API

Currencylayer API, which provides Currency Exchange API, offers the most up-to-date data for 168 official world currencies. It has adopted an approach that can be quickly integrated into your applications. Service responses are presented in JSON format. It offers subscriptions starting at $9.99 per month with beginner-friendly packages including the free package.


6. Exchange Rate API

Exchange Rate API officially supports currency for 161 currencies worldwide. It has a service that can be easily integrated. The service it offers returns in JSON format in response. It offers powerful documentation and integration codes for different programming languages.


7. fastFOREX API

fastforex API provides a fast, simple, and easy integration service for exchange rate data. It provides fast JSON responses over HTTPS. It includes a Real-Time service for over 145 Currencies around the World.


8. API Forex

API Forex, which offers Currency Exchange API service, offers over 160 official currency exchange rates. With API Forex, you can get detailed information in seconds from a single request.


9. Open Exchange Rates

Open Currency Converter provides a fast JSON API with live currency rates through a simple and easy-to-integrate API in JSON format. Exchange rates published via the Open Exchange Rates API are collected from multiple trusted providers and are available in JSON format for anyone to use.


10. Currency GetGeo API

Another service that provides Currency Exchange API service is Currency GetGeo API. Currency GetGeo API allows you to learn the most up-to-date exchange rates with a single API call. It supports more than 170 official currencies around the world. Requests to this service return responses in JSON and XML format. 256-bit SSL encryption is used.



There are more than one free Currency Exchange rate API services that are suitable for your applications. With these services, you can determine the most suitable one for your application and attract international users to your application.